Monday, 25 August 2014

Power Play - my entry for the Work In Progress Blog Tour

Firstly, huge thanks to Georgia Rose for nominating me to take part in the Work In Progress Blog Tour, which is a great way for writers to showcase their latest writing projects - but without giving too much away!

Georgia's 'WIP' is Before the Dawn, book two in The Grayson Trilogy and the sequel to A Single Step. You can read all about Before the Dawn here and you can grab a copy of the first novel in the trilogy here.

You can also follow Georgia on Twitter at @GeorgiaRoseBooks

The rules: Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you.  Write a little about your current WIP and give the first sentence of the first three chapters, then nominate four other writers* to do the same. I've only got two people nominated below, but if you've got a book on the go and would like tagging, do let me know!

This is the first time I've written about Power Play, the sequel to Party Games, and I am SO excited about it. So, deep breath and here I go...

Power Play continues the theme of corrupting power which is at the heart of Party Games as the internal power struggle in my fictional Conservative Party escalates.

As the Conservative leader Rodney Richmond lies in a coma following the events at the end of Party Games, his deputy and now acting leader Colin Scott vows to silence his critics and force not just loyalty, but unquestioning deference and order on a party which has lost its identity.

Richmond's supporters battle to halt Scott's desire for leadership but seem powerless as his popularity soars. Married to a woman 26 years his junior and dubbed 'the Fuhrer' by Labour MPs, his core supporters - including a morally conflicted colleague facing personal crisis and an obsessed, ruthless advisor - will do anything to get their man - and themselves - to the top and keep him there. 

The 'Devil's disciples' encourage Scott's endless hubris, but there is a threat from within, one so determined for Scott to succeed they will resort to murder before they see him fail. Soon competition for the Fuhrer's favour turns into a civil war among his most senior lieutenants and, while the true leader of the so-called 'resistance' remains unconscious, their female rising star emerges to challenge Scott's apparently unbreakable and brutal authority.

First three chapters:

Chapter One:
It was happening again.

Chapter Two:
‘The House has been back a week, it’s bloody long enough, and we all agree I’ve waited a decent amount of time."

Chapter Three:
Blueberry or chocolate chip.

I don't have a cover just yet, but my lovely cover designer will hopefully be working on it very soon and it will be displayed in all its glory here first! I'm hoping Power Play will hit the virtual shelves in late October, but we all know how these things are subject to change!

I now nominate:

DARCIA HELLE, author of various books including 'Secrets' and 'Into The Night'. I know she hasn't got a title yet, but I'm hoping she can give you some hints about her forthcoming novel! @DarciaHelle

MARCIA CARRINGTON who will I am sure be delighted to tell you about Mark's Passionate Heart @MarCarring

*I’ve only nominated two, so I think this rule is flexible!


  1. Good luck with the October launch! I never even decide, it just happens when it happens, that way I minimise the giving-myself-grief thing! The book sounds enthralling - a bit Jeffrey Archer!!!! I loved First Among Equals...!

    1. Thanks, Terry! Yes, it's a bit Archer, a bit House of Cards, a bit Thick of It at times! I'm hoping it can be read without reading Party Games (I know a sequel has got to be stand-alone but as you know it's still pretty hard to get that right!) as I've come a long way since the first book!

  2. Well done Emma - this sounds fascinating and I'm looking forward to the launch in October - good luck with it all :-)

  3. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for nominating me for the Work In Progress tour, here is my blog post regarding this:

    Best of luck with the October launch of POWER PLAY, it sounds like a very interesting book!