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Blog natter: A chat around the Christmas tree with Grayson Trilogy author Georgia Rose

I’m delighted to welcome author Georgia Rose for a blog chat following the success of Before the Dawn, the sequel to A Single Step and second in the Grayson Trilogy.

Georgia Rose is a writer and the author of A Single Step and Before the Dawn, the first two books in The Grayson Trilogy (see end of chat for links). The concluding book, Thicker than Water, is on the way and should be available 2015 - spring...possibly summer!

Georgia’s background in countryside living, riding, instructing and working with horses has provided the knowledge needed for some of her storylines; the others are a product of her overactive imagination!

Following a long stint working in the law Georgia set up her own business providing administration services for other companies which she does to this day entwining that work along with her writing.

Her busy life is set in a tranquil part of rural Cambridgeshire where she lives with her much neglected family of a husband, two nearly grown up children and two dogs.

 (Georgia Rose)

Hi Georgia, and welcome! Glad you could make it down from Cambridgeshire, it's a lot closer than poor Susan Buchanan who drove down from Glasgow (I thought she'd fly, but apparently she loves a good road trip). Hope the M25 didn't give you too any problems.

Hi Emma, I’m delighted to meet you! I love a good road trip too though not so much around the M25! At least it was more road less car park today.

So, first thing's first, get in out of the cold and put your feet up.

Thanks, ooh your house is lovely and warm and I see you’re an early bird with your Christmas decorations - very festive!

 (this isn't my house - honest!)

Right, tea or coffee? And how do you take it?

Coffee please, milk, no sugar and decaf if you have it, I’m a bit of a light weight when it comes to caffeine I’m afraid.

I've got a selection of festive goodies today, including mince pies, stollen and Gleuhwein. What's your favourite festive nibble/tipple?

I do like the sound of a nibble/tipple! Though you have to be careful how you say that! I enjoy mulled wine and stollen, slightly warmed if possible, though who am I kidding... there’s not much festive fare I do not enjoy! I particularly like devils on horseback - no one else does in the family so I make these for myself Christmas Eve - a pre-event indulgent treat if you like!

 (for those not in the know, devils on horseback are prunes wrapped in bacon)

Anyway, I digress, now we're comfortable (throw another log on the fire if you're cold) let's talk 'shop' before we get to the festive stuff!

I recently discovered your guest post on Terry Tyler's literary blog from back in July, in which you say that you planned to be more organised ahead of publication of Before the Dawn 'in an attempt to bring order to the chaos that is currently overwhelming me' . How did that go? 

Well now... I believe I wrote that in the run up to my holiday when I had great plans to spend some time on holiday putting a system in place to try and organise things a bit better, particularly the social media side which has a habit of taking over. Needless-to-say I was running behind with getting Before the Dawn ready for publication and ended up taking that with me and spent what should have been siesta time each day with that instead.

So I did no organisation at all although that is still an aim of mine so sadly I am still in chaos and overwhelmed - haha! Maybe I’ll do that once I get the next book off my desk...*she laughs to herself knowing catching up with the organisation is never going to happen*

Before The Dawn blurb:

...he moved closer and slowly ran the point of his blade along my jaw line as he spoke softly, intimately, to me. 
“So, you are Trent’s woman. Now that is very...appealing.” I glared back at him silently.

There are testing times ahead for Grayson and Trent as trouble threatens Melton Manor. When an attack is made against those on the estate, Grayson gets caught in the middle finding herself and those around her in terrible danger. Terrified when she thinks tragedy has struck again she fights to protect those she now views as family and, suffering bloodshed and pain, confronts her fears – both brought by the enemy and by the one she loves.
I know how difficult it is to put out a sequel. Have you been happy with how Before the Dawn has been received?

I have been absolutely delighted Emma, because I was very nervous about it. I had no expectations with A Single Step so when people started liking it I was thrilled, with Before the Dawn though it was a very different matter. Some people had loved A Single Step and I was worried about disappointing them,  there is a very definite pace change in Before the Dawn so I feared those that had loved the first one which was a much slower burn might hate this one.

It’s nerve-wracking this publishing lark, I shall be terrible when number three comes out!

 (I hope this won't be you!)

Having absolutely loved Before the Dawn (see my review) I'm intrigued to know how you researched for one particularly thrilling military based scene (I realise that sounds a little ambiguous readers but I’m trying not to give any spoilers here!). Do you have a background in the military or did you enlist someone in the know?

Thank you Emma, it’s always wonderful to hear that someone has enjoyed your work! So no my background is not in the military and though some of the scene you’re talking about seemed quite obvious, at least to me though I am quite a practical person, I was fortunate to unexpectedly come across someone who could help me. There were a couple of military references in A Single Step and I was contacted by a woman in our village who pointed out some inaccuracies in the terminology. She used to be in the RAF - how very useful I thought, knowing what was coming up in Before the Dawn.

She kindly became a beta-reader and not only helped me with getting the scene you are talking about as accurate as possible she also not only spotted a weakness in the plot around the same area but came up with a solution that fitted in perfectly with only a couple of tweaks. Now that is the sort of beta-reader we could all use and I am eternally grateful to her.

I tend to do a loose plan for my novel then often improvise as I write. Do you produce a firm plot you stick to or do you allow yourself some freedom as you write?

 I have nothing written down when I start by way of a plot at all. The complete story is already in my head so I just start writing. That has worked so far and you’re right, things do change along the way. The whole trilogy was going to be a lot more light-hearted than it turned out but I found that once I’d written the scene of the tragedy Emma suffers it affected me considerably and changed the tone of the book. It was interesting how thinking those terrible things in my head became something else entirely once I had to write them, and the feelings that surrounded them, down.

My planning has changed a little with book three. Although I know the story I have had to write out a timeline to make sure everything fits in where it needs to, and so I don’t forget to answer any of the questions I’ve left open from the previous books. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be for a reader?

I can! Sequels are harder than some would think!

How is the third in the Grayson trilogy
Thicker than Water progressing? Can you give your fans a little sneak-peek or are you staying schtum at the moment?

Much as I’d love to give you all a little appetiser I sadly have precious little to show of Thicker than Water yet. It is complete, in my head, but I am having some difficulty with finding the time to actually write it down. I’m going to be taking a bit of a back seat on all the promotion stuff for a while and concentrating on writing because time is slipping away and I’ve promised this will be out in 2015! In fact I think I very rashly said spring...scrub that, it will be summer...possibly late summer!

Now turning a little Christmassy....

I can imagine your Huntingdon village looking beautifully idyllic at Christmas time (a bit like Emma Grayson’s cottage and the Manor when they’re not being stormed by terrorists!). How do you spend the festive season?

As quietly as possible! We tend to stay at home and this year we’re only expecting a couple of family extras for lunch, which I shall be cooking. I don’t do turkey but we have many family traditions mostly involving food which I forget but the, now grown up, children never do so I’m having a debrief with the daughter in the run up this year to try and avoid the disappointed faces of last when things didn’t materialise at the moments they were meant to!

(Obviously everyone's Christmas day is as calm and organised as in the lovely pic above!)

What do you hope Father Christmas will bring you this year?

I really don’t need much, and I’m a very practical person so top of my very short list are a pair of noise cancelling headphones that have been recommended to me by a certain wizard we both know! These are to help me crack on with the writing of Thicker than Water.

Have you done all your Christmas shopping like some very organised people or are you more likely to leave it until the last Amazon delivery?

I have to confess that much to my family’s disgust I really don’t like Christmas. If it wasn’t for the daughter there wouldn’t be a decoration up come Christmas day, my cards would be left in a pile until after the event and the whole thing would pass me by. However obviously I have to make the effort for others so I am a last minute Amazon delivery type of shopper.

(Hopefully you won't look like this come Christmas Eve!)

And do you buy your dogs festive treats?

Last year they got a box of 50 pigs’ ears - how lovely is that! It’s the tastiest thing they have in their lives so they do have treats, just not of the commercially hyped overpriced ridiculously wrapped stocking for your dog’s type of festive rip-off treat. (That may give you a bit of a glimpse of the issues I have with Christmas - haha!)

I shall probably get them the same again this year but not because it’s Christmas, just because we’re running out.

Christmas carols or oldies (Slade etc)?

A bit of both I guess - but definitely not before December and ideally not before Christmas Eve! Oh that sounds really miserable doesn’t it? Okay...I’ll try to do better...we have a carol service in our village on the Sunday evening immediately before Christmas so that kind of gets me in the mood and I guess after that the music can start...

(Doesn't sound like you'll be joining these poor carol singing cretins out in the snow any time soon!)

Do you prefer cosy winter Christmases or wish you could jet off around the world for a Christmas day barbie on the beach?

I’d never go away for Christmas. I just couldn’t imagine having it on the beach so for me it has to be here on a preferably bright and sunny day after waking to a beautifully harsh frost.

And finally, do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I have many lovely and very special memories of my children enjoying exciting, and early, Christmas mornings. But... and this is going to sound a bit weird but for various reasons I spent Christmas on my own when I was 16. I went riding in the morning and had beans on toast for lunch and with everyone else preoccupied I felt like I was completely alone in the world. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift.

(As long as you weren't escaping burglars after your family forgot to take you with them to Paris!)

Georgia, it’s been great to have you join me in my blog chat, so do have a safe journey back! And if the weather outside is indeed frightful then I do have some corn for poppin’ to help you on your way!

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting you, being invited into your lovely home and onto your super blog Emma. I do love an enthusiast in whatever form that takes, so it’s lovely to see someone so completely imbued with the Christmas spirit! It’s like Santa’s grotto in here and you all dressed up as one of his little helpers has been a wonderful if slightly unexpected surprise! ;-)

  Thanks, Georgia! Although I only look like this is my head!

To find out more about Georgia visit

Twitter: @GeorgiaRoseBook


The Grayson Trilogy Facebook page:

You can also see her blog appearances on other writer blogs:

Terry Tyler literary guest blog

Wiz Green interview

Barb Taub interview

 Georgia also recently took part in Mark Barry's (aka Wiz Green) excellent Brilliant Books initiative, encouraging 8 to 11 years olds (and boys in particular) to read

To download Georgia's wonderful books, Georgia says: With a bit of luck and a prevailing wind by the time this post is out you should be able to buy my books on my website - Yay!!

Alternatively, click on the links below:








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Blog natter: A (slightly early) festive welcome to romance author and proofreader Susan Buchanan

Welcome, Sooz!


Thank you so much for popping down from Scotland to Hampshire for a cuppa, cake and a few questions, I'm sure the little one will be fine with Daddy! It's a bit chilly so while I stoke the fire and put the kettle on, let's get started.

Did you mention cake?


Firstly, and most importantly, tea or coffee? Coffee, please.

And how d'you take it? One sugar and milk, please

Thanks, here you go. Help yourself to the first mince pie of the season! I love mince pies – I like to try them from as many different shops as possible, but it has to be said it’s hard to beat M&S! I actually saw a recipe for making them and thought, ‘oh that looks fun’, then I remembered I am time-restricted!

Yes, I agree! Am about to try one of these nice-looking Aldi ones (above)...

I know you've recently been interviewed by the excellent Tara Ford, in which Tara asks you about writing and proofreading, so first I'll expand a little on that if I may...

I'm well aware that you're quite the early bird! In a nutshell, what's your (early) morning routine like from the moment your alarm (or toddler!) goes off?

Well, all going well, i.e. not being awoken at 3.30 by Antonia, although fortunately most of her teeth are through now, I get up at 5.30. I then work until around 9, with the odd break for coffee   (I say break – I really mean the length of time it takes to boil the kettle and sort the cup out!) I also work two half days a week on top of that, plus I put in a full shift, as they say, at the weekend. So basically, mostly unsociable hours!

It's amazing you speak FIVE languages! What are they and where did you learn them all?

Gee ta! I learned some Spanish when my auntie was studying it at night school, when I was about ten. Then I went to high school and did French in first year and was annoyingly good at it, to my teacher’s frustration, as I was a total chatterbox and didn’t even have to concentrate to know the answer. Come third year, when I was about thirteen, I started learning Italian and Spanish simultaneously. It will come as no surprise that I did languages at university and I added Portuguese to my bow then.  Finally, I worked for more than fifteen years using my languages every day in business, as I worked in European and international sales. I kinda love languages! I’ve toyed with a few more, including Russian, German and Japanese, but I can only pick out a few words now.

Wow! Puts my C in French GCSE to shame! I should've stuck with German...

Your Perfect Prose business must be varied and interesting. What's been the most unusual thing you've been commissioned to do?

I love it! I can honestly say it’s my favourite job and I’ve had quite a few good jobs over the years – lots of international travel in sales. The diversity of the manuscripts I work on keeps me on my toes and I prefer to work on two or three different scripts at a time, and I’m kind of doing half editing, half proofreading, which is a nice balance. I love the fact I am ‘reading’ books I wouldn’t normally have picked up, and to be honest I’ve really enjoyed most of them, and even recommended a few. The most unusual I suppose would be a toss-up between editing a collection of short stories in Glaswegian (yes, really!) - even being Glaswegian, it’s not as easy as it looks, and a kids’ fantasy story translated from Slovenian – even though I don’t speak Slovenian, my language skills really helped there, as I knew what the author and translator were trying to say, but often it didn’t quite sound like the English a native speaker would use.

Now, if I may, it's nearly time to turn a little festive....
(my 7 year old's gingerbread house design)

Christmas is around the corner and we could all do with a little 'Christmas Spirit' (ho,ho!) this time of year. What's coming up for you in terms of seasonal promotion for The Christmas Spirit?

Well, I had actually hoped to release the follow-up to The Christmas Spirit this year, but time constraints made that impossible. All I can say is watch this space next year!

So, in the meantime, and due to my lack of free time, I enlisted the help of the extremely capable Brooks Cottage Books to organise my book tour for me (17th-29th Nov). It will be a mix of reviews by various bloggers, interviews and articles. I’m quite looking forward to it, as up until now yours truly has always arranged all her own marketing. But twenty-four hours in a day only goes so far…

Christmas is coming, but not everyone is looking forward to it.
Rebecca has just been dumped and the prospect of spending the holiday period with her parents is less than appealing.
Eighty- two year old Stanley lost his beloved wife, Edie, to cancer. How will he cope with his first Christmas without her?
Jacob’s university degree hasn’t helped him get a job, and it looks like he’ll still be signing on come New Year.
Workaholic Meredith would rather spend December 25th at home alone with a ready meal and a DVD box set. Can anything make her embrace the spirit of the season?
The enigmatic Natalie Hope takes over the reins at the Sugar and Spice bakery and café in an attempt to spread some festive cheer and restore Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?

Thanks Sooz - I've already started it!

We all know Christmas is a pretty pricey time of year. Do you think as a nation we spend too much on the material side of festivities and don't put enough value on simply spending time as families?

I definitely think we have a culture of ‘I must spend at least £X minimum on each person’ which I think is wrong, especially when so many people get into debt at this time of year. We didn’t go overboard last year with Antonia’s first Christmas, as we knew everyone else would (and they did!). This year, she is only getting a few toys, as quite frankly she gets so much during the year that I’d need to buy a bigger house! I also don’t think you necessarily have to pay top dollar to get really nice Christmas food. That said, that doesn’t mean I will be buying EVERYTHING from Aldi! I also think it depends on the person. Some people are just happy to spend time away from work and have time with their family, whilst others, including some adults, want every must-have gadget. I think people should spend what they can afford and buy what they think their friends/family want. It gets more difficult to buy for people too, as they get older. So much tat gets bought at Christmas and never used. Gifts for him and gifts for her sections in department stores are those I try to shy away from, as they usually wheel out seasonal stuff no-one in their right mind would think of buying at any other time of year!

Having said all that, what do you hope Father Christmas will bring you this year?

Well, my birthday is on 16th December, so if I don’t get the Kindle Paperwhite I’ve said I want for that, I definitely want it for Christmas. Apart from that I want a DVD box set of Silent Witness – but I only just discovered there have been seventeen series!

Christmas carols or Christmas oldies (Slade etc)?

Oh it really depends on the mood I am in. I love both. When I did The Christmas Spirit launch last year, I had a Facebook party for at least twelve hours with a mixture of both. It was fantastic!

Favourite things: Random quick fire round!

Best thing about being a mum

This was a really hard one, but I guess just seeing how she develops every day, how different she is and how she deals with learning new things - she is so interesting and so interested and extremely enthusiastic! (Wonder where she gets that from…)

Best thing about being self-employed

Being able to set my own hours, particularly in light of the wee one. That said, not having to commute comes a close second!

Favourite Happyland character and (briefly) why?

Well, since to my knowledge, they haven’t created a Happyland character who looks like Rupert Penry-Jones yet, I think I can safely say I don’t have a favourite. Antonia was given about fifty of them by a friend’s daughter, so we didn’t get the sets one at a time, for me to get really interested in them, although I certainly play with them enough.  I think my favourite would be one which put itself back in the toy box at night – trying to find and tidy away 50+ of these blighters is very time-consuming!

Sorry Sooz, I think the Wills character will have to do! You could pretend he's RP-J, although quite what you'd do with a mini figure of him I don't wish to think!

Favourite dessert (you can say more than one if it's too difficult!)

It is difficult, although I have never been known to turn down either sticky toffee pudding or homemade apple pie/crumble (also other fillings!) Actually, I’m not really known to turn down dessert at all, although I do believe that a sorbet is a waste of a good dessert!

Favourite movie (not a kids one - say Frozen and I'll send my daughter all the way to Glasgow to sing it at you!)

Dirty Dancing, although I feel I may have to think of one soon that’s not thirty years old. Does Monsters Inc. count? Ha ha re Frozen. Two months ago, I would have been like ‘what?’, but now I hear ya! I’ve seen it at least thirty times!  I even looked up who sang the theme tune, as I couldn’t stop singing it!!

Favourite time of year

No question – Christmas! I love it – can’t wait for December, so I can start watching a Christmas movie every day and not feel guilty about it. I’ve just finished reading my first Christmas book, which I started in October!

Thanks so much for joining me! Take another mince pie for the road, you've got quite a journey ahead of you and it's getting dark! Oh, and if you need to go to the loo before you go, it's up the stairs, turn left then straight ahead. And blame my son if the seat's up!

Do you mind if I take two? It’s about five hundred, possibly six hundred miles to Glasgow!

 Oh, go on then, as it’s you!

Watch yourself out there, the snow's coming down pretty hard now! Hang on, I'll come and give you a push...

Follow Sooz on Facebook, her blog  and Goodreads. Oh, and of course, Twitter @Susan_Buchanan

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More people than politics


Massive thanks to everyone who has downloaded Power Play since it came out on 10th October, I've had a huge response and I'm SO grateful to everyone who has supported me, especially on Twitter!


I've had people ask me: do you have to be into politics to read it? The answer is NO, I promise you (I've had good reviews from non-politicos for both Power Play and Party Games to prove it!)! Think of it more like Mad Men...

(just thought I'd throw that pic in there...) don't necessarily watch it because you love advertising (although you might!). Similarly, my story could be set in any high powered environment, or even a hospital or school. It's about the people, their desires, passions and ambitions and what the pursuit of power can do to friendships, love and rivalries.

A reality TV example is The Apprentice; people usually watch it for the in-fighting and personality as they attempt to clamour for Lord Sugar's attention rather than waiting with baited breath for their business plan.

And yes there's sex, affairs, a broken marriage, another affair, deal-breaking, deal-making and an advisor with murder on his mind.


For those who have missed them, I've done a number of articles and interviews over the past few weeks, including a lovely stroll with the brilliant Georgia Rose, author of the Grayson Trilogy. I'll be featuring an interview with Georgia on here at the end of November.

A chat around the cauldron with the magical Wiz Green aka Mark Barry, author of The Night Porter and Carla, talking Westminster, The Thick of It, education and favourite things!

Thanks also to A Woman's Wisdom for letting me feature, the talented and prolific Terry Tyler for featuring me on her Arts Directory blog as a new release and to Susan Buchanan, author of The Christmas Spirit, which is currently 99p/99c on Kindle Countdown.

Susan invited me to fantasise who could play my characters in a TV adaptation! She will also appear on my blog in due course.

I've also written about the rise of women and the baddie in political fiction for the widely read Conservative Home.... well as how fiction can (sometimes sadly!) become reality for the Total Politics blog.

Gosh, I've been busy! More still to do, the life of an independent author is never dull, so thanks again!

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Power Play: An Introduction

Power Play is now HERE!

Treachery is a hanging offence...

I am soooo very excited about my new novel!  You can buy my first book, Party Games, here for a mere 99p (and there's not a lot you can get for 99p these days unless you shop in Aldi!)

Power Play is the sequel to Party Games, my political drama set at Westminster, but it can be read stand-alone. Now, before you click the little 'x' in the top right corner, or fall asleep, I promise you the politics is incidental - my novels are about people; slightly eccentric people, granted, but people existing in a high-pressure environment along with their jealousies, grudges, love, friendships and ambitions. I always say that you don't watch Mad Men because you want to learn about advertising, it's for the human interaction, but in this case there is probably a bit more megalomania and perhaps even the odd murder...  

Now I've obviously got you hooked, let me tell you a bit about the characters. They're not all stuffy politicians - far from it! 

Power Play continues the theme of corrupting power and infighting at the heart of Party Games. As leader Rodney Richmond lies in a coma, his malevolent and ambitious deputy Colin Scott vows to force unquestioning loyalty to himself on a party which is at breaking point. Dubbed 'the Fuhrer' by Labour MPs, his core supporters - including a morally conflicted colleague and an obsessed, ruthless advisor - will do anything to get their man - and themselves - to the top. But there is a threat from within, one so determined they will resort to murder before they see Scott fail, and soon civil war erupts among Scott’s most senior lieutenants. While the true leader of the so-called 'resistance' remains unconscious, their female rising star emerges to challenge Scott's seemingly unbreakable and brutal authority. 


The poor guy is my hero of the trilogy, but Power Play sees him (spoiler alert!) stuck in a coma after the dramatic events in Party Games. The party leader set to be outsted by his mortal enemy while he is unable to defend himself, Richmond's life remains on a knife-edge while his party looks set to abandon him to the despotic leadership of acting leader Colin Scott. Will he wake up before Scott destroys him?


Brutal, shrewd, dangerous and desperate to steal the reigns from Richmond's lifeless hands, Scott is so close to power he can almost taste it. As his closest ally, Matthew Gaines, observes: '[Scott] needed more; he always did'. A leadership battle with Richmond's best friend and chairman Jeremy Cheeser is brewing, one Scott knows he can easily win. He does a dirty deal with UKIP, 'annexing' their membership while promising UK withdrawal from the EU without a referendum. As the story progresses, parallels between Scott and his lieutenants and key players in the Third Reich are apparent as he begins to destroy everything he touches.

The Führer is crowned...

The Devil's diciples:  

Gaines comes into his own in Power Play having been a minor character in Party Games. He becomes Scott's most trusted cheerleader and advisor, parachuted from obscurity to the side of the acting leader. Gaines's rise catches him by surprise but he soon achieves the nickname of Goebbels among Labour MPs and he revels in his notoriety as Scott's media man. Despite his success, he knows his career rests on Colin's ability to win the leadership election. Cracks in his marriage to Sasha begin to show and his eye begins to stray. Torn between his family and his alliance with Scott, Gaines faces choices professionally and privately with dire consequences. 

Sexy, smart, incredibly attractive and highly ambitious, 38 year old architect Marcus is the new boy in the Westminster village. The MP for Penrith since the by-election (the local Tory ran off with a Labour MP), Marcus is instantly Scott's young apprentice and anointed successor. The brother of Richmond loyalist and family man Jeremy, Marcus is everything his brother isn't: cunning, hot-headed and terrified of romantic commitment. He is a ladies' man, and it's not long before he sets his sights on a colleague's wife, while his career as one of Scott's senior acolytes is cemented. (I don't make any particular reference to Albert Speer, Hitler's senior architect, but the comparison is there.)
Other key Scott supporters include Scott's premier enforcer, the brash David Fryer (Goering), and the terrifying chief whip Patricia Joseph (Himmler).

The Moderates (later 'the resistance'):

The unrequited love of Richmond and a hard-nosed political operator, Culverhouse is desperate for Richmond to wake up before it's too late. She is savvy and knows Scott's plan for dominance, but is she able to stop him? Culverhouse becomes the darling of the moderates in the party as she and her colleagues ready themselves for battle against Scott's growing army, while her relationship with fiancé and chair of the Public Accounts Committee Tristan Rivers is haunted by Richmond.

Left devastated by the incapacitation of his best friend, Jeremy knows the only way to honour him is to stand against Scott for the leadership. He doesn't want to be leader but Richmond had told him, the day before he was shot, that he wanted him to succeed him. Jeremy enters the leadership election with a heavy heart, but his shrewd wife Linda makes a revelation about Scott which tests Jeremy's conscience and his faith. Worried about Scott's influence on his brother, Jeremy sees his relationship with Marcus disintegrate and his political future hang in the balance as the leadership result is announced...

Other main players:

Sasha is Matthew's wife, but don't expect a mousy politician's wife-type. She is strong-willed, beautiful and against Matthew's alliance with Scott and everything he stands for. At 56 she longs for the career she never had and feels estranged from Matthew as Scott inadvertently takes over their marriage. It doesn't stop her noticing a certain new MP, 18 years her junior and Scott's prize catch, and soon he provides her with new temptations and a life away from Matthew.

Working in the bar at Westminster, 35 year old Hannah is an upcoming actress with her sights set on success. But she harbours a secret - and an ability to attract the attention of a senior MP with everything to lose. As they embark on a passionate affair Hannah begins to fall in love, but soon her life begins to sprial out of control.

I hope this has whetted your appetite! 

I will post the link as soon as it's live and THANK YOU in advance, I do hope you download and enjoy!