Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New political commentator website 'Backbench'

I am proud to be a new commentator for a wonderful new political discussion site, Backbench , which 'aims to incorporate a number of engaging and interactive features in order to open politics up to a wider audience.'

At a time when young people feel disenchanted with politics and politicians, websites such as Backbench can open up a world of communication to millions.

Do view my article on why e-books are a rapidly growing phenomenon - and do let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Emma! I loved your article about why e-books are important. I am hosting a week-long event on indie authors, would you like to do an interview with me and be featured on my blog, Julieschicklit.com? if so, email me and we can talk more about it! julieschicklit@gmail.com Thanks so much! Love your blog. xo

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for reading my article and visiting my blog! Yes, I'd love to feature on your blog, I'll drop you an e-mail like you suggest.

      Would you also mind 'joining' my blog?

      Your site looks great too! I've followed it, and I'm now following you on Twitter.